The Heritage Gala is an event a long time in the making and one truly important to the troupe. By hosting this event, the Olympian Dancers are able to showcase dances and costumes from specific regions of Greece, with great emphasis on the authenticity of each dance and costume. In presenting these performances, the troupe wishes to celebrate their cultural heritage here in Houston as well as to share it with other Greek-Americans and Philhellenes.


"Spotlight: Pontos, Dodekanese and Aegean Islands" - 2010

"Spotlight: Epirus and Peloponnese" - 2011

"Spotlight: Crete" - 2015

photo credit: Frosy Trapezountios-Graf


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The Olympian Dancers Greek dance troupe was established in 1995 in order to provide the young Greeks and Greek-Americans of our community an opportunity to learn and participate in their heritage through the art of dance. In the years that followed, our small group blossomed into a large family of dancers hailing from all over the greater Houston-Galveston area. The troupe strives to recreate traditional Greek dances as accurately as possible. As a result, the Olympians have expanded the repertoire of dances, as well as costumes, to provide showcase performances of traditional Greek dances from all regions of Greece.